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not even a            road. People use a narrow footpath to go to

Bobbin dally. However, the Railway Station, the National Highway,

Post and                                            to transport and communi-

cation facilities to these villagers  who seldom make use of them.

The           Is            at 18 341              North   and 83* 231 East


To the West its             Konda rising to a height   of 800

metres.   Beyond this mountain there is a reserved forest which for-

ms           the fag end of the vast Dandakaranya  forest along the

mountains of the Eastern Ghats covering parts of  Madhya

Pradesh, Orissa, and five districts of Andbra Pradesh,   The  forest

yields timber, tamarind* bamboo, firewood and other products. Til!

recently tbe tiger, cheetah, leopard, bear, the wild buck and the

botFj the              and the rabbit.   But the depredations of poach-

ers have greatly disturbed the ecology of the forest.   At present,

life is rarely found* Tigers are extinct.

2.    Origin :

The Gadabas of Rajacheruvu Valasa were forest-dwellers

is the beginning. Three centuries ago the Raja of Bobbili brought

them to the plains to serve as his palanquin-bearers. According

to local legend, the founder of the hamlet was Pala Angara. He

was accompanied by his Kinsmen with the surname of Hannmanthii

(monkey) and Gedela(buffalo). They set up 4 or 5 huts on the outs-

kirts of Bobbili, Since it was a Gadaba settlement, it was known

ag Qadaba Valasa. These Gadabas worked as the-Rajah's palan-

quin-bearers. In return for this service the Rajah allowed them to'

cultivate 100 acres of land and to enjoy the usufruct.

This legend is corroborated by Gadipalli Narayana Rao

aged 50 years, now sick, after doing a stint as a truck driver for

the Integrated Tribal Development Authority until three years age*.

to bin**he .had personal knowledge of his gran$-fatlf5f